Sunday, June 5, 2011

90 Days of Blogging

As mentioned previously, Erika and I just ran a marathon. Yay! Now the bad news: I haven't gotten off my ass since. Seriously, this is a problem! Sure, I've played a couple hockey games and some basketball, but there is a definite theme in my life consisting of "If there is a goal I will train my butt off. If not... meh".

Let's look at the history:
- Trained regularly for a half-marathon in 2003. Ran 9 times in the 8 years following.
- Trained religiously 6 times a week for the last 5 years of my judo career, then switched to eating cheese as my principle defining characteristic post-retirement.

I need goals people! This is part of the reason why this blog has been so abysmally spotty, without a concrete commitment to get my mojo running (like the Ladies Only football pool) my mind tends to wander. Next thing I know it's 1am and I'm browsing the Internet for rutabaga recipes even though I couldn't pick a rutabega out of a police lineup if it mugged me.

So to solve the aforementioned problem, I'm doing some goal-setting in a public forum. That way if I slip you all can hold me accountable. I figure that since I'm hella better at sticking to athletic goals than I am to mental ones, I'm a gonna link 'em!

This all leads us to P90X, the framework for my plan. By the way, if you haven’t heard of P90X let me assure you: I have never felt more douchey than when discussing this fitness program. It's basically just a bunch of workout videos that you do over a period of 90 days, with the unfortunate side-effect of making you sound like an utter knob (and the “X” stands for “eXtreme”. I am not making that up). What I actually DO like about this thing is that they say it is hard, and you will work your butt off. That has a much better ring of validity to my ears. Plus, I know several people who've done it and swear by it so what do I have to lose?

How does this tie into blogging? Well, for all 90 days of the workout program I'm going to write something to this blog every single day. And I'm not going to subject you to a day by day retelling of the workouts because, well, I want you to actually read this blog. Sure, I might take inspiration from something I've done in the program, but the goal is to work out the brain along with the body. We'll see how I do.

I did my first workout today… see you tomorrow!


  1. Way to inspire us all, Paul! P90X is a formidable program, I tried one of the 'easier' tapes and started sweating and dumbing down the program for 'where I'm at' at like 5 minutes into it. I am going to eagerly read these pages daily. Can't wait for the Portugal entries, from your workouts on the beach. It's Europe, so you can go topless ;-)

  2. PS I was mugged by a rutabaga once and you're right, the lineup was impossible...they all looked so alike

  3. Good idea blogging about it. Too easy to make excuses not to do it (I know from experience). And just think. After 90 days you'll look like one of the guys from 300.

  4. Good for you Paul!! I've heard about this exercise program before, but I'm totally curious as to how good it actually it is. I can't wait to keep reading about it. :-)

  5. From judo to cheese? It sounds like you're a manic athletic. Your plan sounds like a good one. Some people would have gone in a different direction and said they were going to train for a career as a Sumo wrestler or something (which might not be so good health wise, but could make for some interesting blogging)...