Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How the HST/PST Referendum is Like Video Games and Cheese

There's a lot being said right now in British Columbia about the coming HST/PST referendum, and about which way people should vote. When a topic like this arises that has some complicated parts to it, I tend to listen to those I trust who are either specialists in the field, or who have taken the time to educate themselves thoroughly.

For instance: If there were a referendum on video games and cheese being held in the province, you might ask yourself "Do I have the time necessary to devote myself to playing a bunch of games and sampling the delectable cheeses of the world? I fear that I do not!"
Well, what if there were another way? In this case, you might think to yourself "Who do I know and trust that eats a lot of cheese and plays a lot of video games? Well, there's Paul! Perhaps I'll ask Paul his opinion, as he's certain to have insight I could not aquire in the next several weeks!"

And you would be right. No matter how many video games you play and how much cheese you eat, you simply will not be able to understand the issue the way I do in a month without having some prior experience going in.

So on the HST/GST issue, I would listen to experts like my friend Randy who is a tax lawyer, or the economists who are saying that the HST is the best thing for the province. Because I don't understand tax law, and I'm not going to pretend I do on such an important issue.

But maybe you like cheese. And you've been hearing a lot about video games lately. That Plants vs Zombies was fun, wasn't it? If that's you, maybe consider watching the video below. It's 15 minutes long, and if you can't be bothered to watch it for 15 minutes maybe you should try an alternate strategy in deciding how to vote. Like listening to an expert.

There's some confusion about what the votes mean:
Vote NO if you want to keep the HST
Vote YES if you want to return to the PST

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  1. Thank you for this great blog and AWESSOME video to watch. It was incredibly well done-informative plus funny as heck.. and I wish I knew how this info could become more widespread to put the kibosh on Van Der Zalm's grandstanding just to have another 15 minutes of fame.Let's listen to the people who love BC!