Thursday, June 9, 2011

Post Script

Day 6 of my 90 days of blogging, and today I’m trying to post this via email. Apparently I can just send a mail to a specific email address and ba-boom! Instant post. This is also how I’d go about sending posts from my phone. I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m pretty sketchy about this actually working the first time through. If there’s anything I’ve come to believe about technology in 12 years working with computers it’s that:

a)      Computers only do exactly what you tell them

b)      You have no idea what you’re actually telling them because the instructions were hard coded by a guy at 3am after a month of 70 hour weeks and he never factored in that you would want to back up your computer over wi-fi while watching YouTube and downloading virus-riddled movies over bit torrent.


Realistically, most of our interaction with computers come from us trying to do something, realizing that didn’t work, then learning the workaround that does work. Rarely is anything a 1:1 “I wanted to do something and it worked”. So while I’m certain that I may be able to post this over email, I think it’s much more likely that I have done something wrong, and will shortly discover what that is. The fun part for you, the viewer, is that I intend to just leave those errors up. You may bask in my shame, as I work out how to make this happen.


If this doesn’t go up at all I may have to revise my plan…

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  1. I think what separates the tech savvy (and I use that term loosely) from the plebs is that we are willing to "try to do something" on a computer, knowing that even if it doesn't work, the computer will not, in fact, explode. I am the computer "expert" (again, a term I use very, very loosely!) at my office because they are all pretty much terrified to do anything on their computers. And I'm not talking coding or anything remotely difficult - I'm talking things like making a column wider in Excel or minimizing a window.

    Also, as I'm sure you gathered, this seems to have posted just find from your email!