Monday, June 27, 2011

Working Late, but with Purpose!

The crappy thing about going on vacation when you're not an hourly employee is that you never actually do any less work. Oh sure, you get to not be there for a little while, and that's great. But there's really only two options:
1) Do more work before and after you go
2) Do a LOT more work when you get back
Option B may sound better because hey, it's only on one end of the trip right? Weeeelll, that also means that someone messing up your shit while your away is a foregone conclusion. Not intentionally or anything, but if you don't get those balls rolling downhill people are just gonna push 'em where they think they're supposed to go, which isn't always where you thought they should be.

And thus I have been at work late once again, pushing balls downhill. But in two days... PORTUGAL BABY! W00T!

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