Friday, July 1, 2011

The Future Will Have to Wait

Can someone explain to me why I pay for anything but data anymore? Seriously, let's look at the things I'm forced to pay for that I could easily get with a data plan:

Landline = Skype or cell phone. This is the easiest one, and that's assuming you even want a landline, which I don't. Comcast is having a REALLY hard time wrapping their heads around this idea btw.

COMCAST: We have a great offer for you to add a landline to your plan!

ME: I don't want a landline.

COMCAST: But it's very cheap.

ME: Cheaper than free?

COMCAST: How can you say no to a landline for $7?

ME: Well, you're giving me a lot of practice for starters.

Really? You're charging me piecemeal for data than you squeeze through a different pipe and which doesn't cost you anything? HOW IS THIS LEGAL?

This is the thing that chews people up the most, myself included. Everyone I know who has cable says some variant of "If I could just get live sports I wouldn't need cable anymore". Sigh.

Sadly, this is why the awesome future we have the the technology for will not come to fruition any time soon. Too many companies who know it's better to maximize profit over awesomeness.


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