Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For the Kids!

So I know you've all been wondering the same thing for quite some time: When can I get a Complete Tangent action figure?

You'd think this stuff would be easy, what with the demand and all, but you try dealing with Mattel and getting the licensing sorted out. They want a bigger cut, or they want to compromise on the designs... blah blah blah. The big issue is that there's kids out there who've been asking their parents for the Paul "Writers in Action" Series A to come out and I feel like I'm letting them down. Let's be honest, nobody wants to make little kids cry.

To remedy the issue in the meantime I've decided to put together a paper-doll cut-out that you can print off and give to your kids so they can experience the wonder of a writer's life and put themselves into the action. It's fun and educational!

This is the completely attired Complete Tangent paper doll, with two sweaters, a T-shirt, track pants, and pajama pants. All of the component parts appear at the end of the post, but let's walk through everything as it will look once your kids put it together. After all, there's so many possibilities!

Let's first look at the completely accurate base model:

As you can see, writing is quite good for your health, although I probably need to work on the arms a bit.

There are two pantal options for the lower body that your kids can mix-and-match, and depending on temperature they can attire the doll in one, the other, or both. By the way, it's not actually cold here, it's just that when you sit motionless for 9 hours you tend to cool down.

Track Pants

PJ Pants

Upper body they can go with the T-shirt:

The orange hoody:

Or even the classic 343 Industries zip-up hoodie:

And of course there's both the orange and gray hoodies together:

If they feel like their paper doll needs even more warmth they can throw on a classic "Charlotte Hasebe knitted toque", which are really quite fantastic:

Since kids do like to play, I'm sure that at some point they'll just put the gray hoodie on with nothing underneath, which is admittedly not a common look around Complete Tangent Inc:

In the event that this option is a favourite of your child's I recommend considering the optional chest-hair for that authentic Paul look (sold separately):

Finally, we have some fantastic accessories, such as the Official Complete Tangent Canucks coffee mug and $2 K-Mart tea mug:

If you hurry, we'll even throw in the special bonus offer bottle of Jameson's that accompanies the blue "tea" mug for full writing authenticity!

Have fun kids!

The whales come up the Australian coast every year and if you're lucky you can see them. Erika and I went on a hike out to a point right on the ocean just in case we'd see any, although we had a combined 0.01% confidence we'd see anything. So you can imagine how surprised we were when we saw this whale spout off in the distance:

But then this happened and it was totally awesome!

Enjoy kids!