Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cassowaries are Awesome

No blog post this week, we're on vacation up in Queensland visiting friends, hitting the Great Barrier Reef, and hopefully... more crocodiles! However we did see something awesome already that I thought I'd share because, well, it's just so awesome:

Some facts about Cassowaries:

  • They have three dagger-sharp toes that can totally mess you up
  • Critically endangered
    • There's only 1500-2500 left
    • The area we were in is the largest density in Queensland... where there's 40
  • Male cassowaries take the female's last name, or something like that. One way or another the female takes off while the dude raises the kids
  • The cassowary is the only animal capable of dispersing the seeds of more than 70 different species of tree
  • Sugarcane and cattle are way, way more important than cassowaries are

For your viewing pleasure, I have a video to share as well.
CAUTION: SOME ADULT LANGUAGE (I'm not saying who it was)

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